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Life Transformational Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Workshops for individuals and businesses.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer three distinct services which cover: life coaching, rapid transformational therapy and workshops.

Xenia Economidou
Life Coach & RTT Practitioner

Client Testimonials

I remain truly grateful to Xenia for her hypnotherapy sessions. They encouraged me to move closer towards expressing my true self. During our sessions Xenia was accepting, friendly, direct and professional. I love her honesty and her belief and also a power to bring out the higher potential within ourselves.

Ruta Dzikaraite, Dancer, Energy Healer

I have been fortunate to have met and known Xenia throughout our extensive session exchanges. Our interaction has been for me utterly inspiring and fruitful to say the least. Her refine sensitivity and compassionate nature, in combination with her mental skillset allows for penetrative insight and deep contemplative Wisdom take over space. An uplifting journey towards the higher realms of spirit yet constantly grounded with two feet on earth. May our friendship continues to evolve.

Yiorgos Hadjimanoli , Craniosacral Therapy
For hypnotherapy to be effective it requires us to deeply relax and let go. Xenia’s kind, compassionate spirit made my controlling mind let go, and enter the healing states I needed. My sessions with Xenia are always very therapeutic. I was able to identify and minimize a deeply rooted sense of doubt and unworthiness through our sessions. If you want to free yourself from the root cause of your mental and emotional blockages Xenia’s advanced sessions are the way to go!
Chris Christodoulidis, Founder and CEO of Conscialink

Xenia is an amazing, caring, empathetic and unique hypnotherapist. I had one session with her about my issue of dating narcisists and egomaniacs and immediately I understood why!!!! And not only that! 2 days after our session I decided to stand up for myself, speak my truth, express my hurt to him and show him the door with a lovely caring manner!!! Never felt more free and proud of myself!! Now I am fearless badass woman full of love for myself! Xenia did for me what years of classical phychoanalysis didnt… Thank you!!!!!!!

Zoe Theos, Corporate employee

Answers to commonly asked questions

Life Coaching

How much do the Life Coaching programs cost?2022-10-26T22:38:16+00:00

If you have decided to step up, raise your standards and create the Life you truly Love then fill out the form or send us an email. We would be happy to get on a call with you to discuss how this would work and what it is you want to create.

What happens if I cannot attend a session?2022-10-26T22:37:56+00:00

We ask that you schedule all of your appointments upon commencement of your Life Coaching program and make sure you attend and are fully present during this time. Your energy, focus and involvement are necessary to have excellent results. We understand that things happen that are outside our control and in this we ask that you notify us the soonest you know you won’t be able to make it no later than 72-hours of your session. Your Program will either be moved a week-ahead of completion or your session will be rescheduled based upon the availability of both you and your Life Coach.

When and how are the Life Coaching sessions carried out?2022-10-26T22:37:38+00:00

The sessions are exclusively online at the time you will agree with your Life Coach.

What is the difference between 1-1 and group Life Coaching sessions?2022-10-26T22:37:16+00:00

In 1-1 sessions you get full attention of the Life Coach, private conversations and customised tools and action plan. In group sessions, you grow and progress together with others and the momentum of the group can be very powerful. A beautiful group of like-minded people is formed where the Life Coach helps you keep momentum and also does laser-coaching during the calls and you also have the opportunity to connect with others, learn, grow and support each other. Usually the group Life Coaching programs are offered to individuals upon completion of a 1-1 Life Coaching program so as to have people on the same page and be able to keep momentum.

Are Life Coaching sessions treated with confidentiality?2022-10-26T22:36:51+00:00

Yes! All the information shared during a Coaching session is treated with absolute confidentiality.

How do I know which program is the best for me?2022-10-26T22:36:28+00:00

This is completely up to you! Some people love moving fast and others respond better to moving slow and steady. Upon completing your 3 or 6 months program you may decide to extend it if you are meeting your goals and want to continue this work with more things you want to accomplish. People may change coaches or do several programs but as long as you are getting the results you are after and there is progress in your Life then having someone for longer periods of time can go a long way. Remember, progress = happiness and if having someone supporting you throughout the whole process helps then the option is there.

What is the duration of the Life Coaching Programs?2022-10-26T22:36:04+00:00

For optimum results Life Coaching is offered for 3 or 6 month programs, weekly or bi-weekly based on the needs of the individual. Creating a new Life and keeping the momentum takes time because this is a process of shifting ones mindset, challenging their story, creating a new one and building up momentum. Like someone who has never been to a gym before and needs to learn how the equipment is used, how to avoid injuries, how to monitor progress and do it so many times that it now becomes part of who they are.

What if I know these stuff, how can a Life Coach help?2022-10-26T22:35:41+00:00

Intellectually we all know lots of stuff. For example, we all know that eating healthy, exercising , meditating, etc, has tremendous impact on our lives but more often that not we are not as consistent to these practices as much as we would love to. Plus a Life Coach may offer insights, ideas or help you figure out what works best for you and being consistent about it. Life Coaching is not about information but a process of momentum, commitment and consistency. Even if you are a high achiever, having someone pushing you for more, keeping you accountable and measuring progress can go a long way.

What can I expect from Life Coaching?2022-10-26T22:35:18+00:00

Life Coaching can help with tools and best practices for keeping momentum, showing up everyday to create the Life you Love, measuring results and getting you to your ultimate goals. There is also deeper work involved in a sense of checking which needs are a priority and how healthy are the ways we are meeting them. It can also help with recognising patterns, understanding them and having the support and guidance to create new ones. This is how people feel they have control over themselves, gain confidence and change their lives.

Why Life Coaching?2022-10-26T22:34:42+00:00

The most successful people on Earth are surrounded by specialised coaches to help them meet their goals, achieve what they desire and overcome the resistance and sabotage by monitoring progress and being accountable. It’s like a personal trainer. People don’t show up to the gym or do much less when they are on their own compared to when someone is there to make sure they are making progress.


Is RTT effective?2022-10-22T18:54:23+00:00

Yes. Hypnotherapy and especially RTT has been found to be extremely effective because it takes you to the root of the problem, allows you to evaluate the situation as an adult and most importantly replace the beliefs that keep you limited with new, empowering ones.

What is the duration of an RTT session?2022-10-22T18:55:10+00:00

An RTT session consists of 3 parts, discovery call (few days before the Regression), Regression session, follow up call (usually after 21 days of the RTT session). These take place on different days for optimal results.

How can I know that what I am seeing is real and I am not making it up?2022-10-22T18:56:49+00:00

Everyone can go into hypnosis and some easier than others. There are suggestibility checks that the Practitioner carries out to make sure you are in hypnosis. Once under hypnosis the subconscious will provide us with the true answers of why the issue exists.

Do I still have control of what I say?2022-10-22T18:57:42+00:00

Yes. With the approach of RTT you will be fully alert and in control of what you say. That means that you will be able to have a dialogue with the Practitioner while in hypnosis and will remember everything afterwards. If there is something you wish not to share you can definitely do so.

How important is it to listen to my audio?2022-10-22T18:58:36+00:00

This is very important and we ask you to commit to listening to at least the 21 days after the session for best results. The audio helps establish the new beliefs into the subconscious one the false limiting beliefs holding you back are eliminated .

Are RTT sessions treated with confidentiality?2022-10-22T18:59:44+00:00

Yes. The Sessions carried out with strict confidentiality.

Do the RTT online sessions work as well as the live sessions?2022-10-22T19:00:35+00:00

Yes, online sessions have the same effect as the live sessions and the added bonus to that is the comfort of your own space.

Are they customised?2022-10-22T19:04:56+00:00

Yes, RTT sessions are tailor-made for you, both the dialogue during hypnosis and also the audio given to you afterwards.

How many sessions do I need?2022-10-22T19:06:13+00:00

This truly depends on the case. Clients are noticing massive changes from the first session, because they gain understanding the conscious mind cannot provide and that is a game changer. A good average would be a set of 3 sessions, which when combined with Coaching can help you expand your awareness and gain the understanding you need to eliminate and replace the beliefs that are not helping you in your Life but also have the tools and the support to now create a new lifestyle for yourself.

What if talking about the issue is very traumatic and painful?2022-10-22T19:06:59+00:00

That is the absolute benefit for RTT, you don’t dwell on issues and traumatic experiences as with talk therapy, you just visit them as an observer. So you are not reliving them and the freedom you experience at the end of the session allows you to liberate yourself from the burden of the events.

How much does a session cost?2022-10-22T19:10:22+00:00

If you have decided to free yourself from what’s holding you back and are ready to eliminate anything that is not serving you, do fill out the form or send us an email.

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